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Shine Bright like a Diamond

Shine Bright like a Diamond

Hesitant to switch to oils from creams? Wondering what are the benefits of body oil than the regular gel or cream you have been using for over years now? In short - they are better, healthier, and more sustainable in the long run.

 The benefits of using body oil over lotions or creams or gels are a long list indeed. There is some general tested evidence and sometime tested beliefs. The list below helps you understand.

 Oils are Great Moisturisers.

 Oils, more than creams or lotions, are great when it comes to acting as moisturisers.

 Oils provide for a moisturising effect that is deeper and longer lasting as compared to creams. The moisture gets locked in once you apply it on the skin. You feel silky smooth for hours thereafter as the impact is longer.

 A great time to apply the oil is when you come just out of the shower. Just a few drops when you are still wet helps get maximum efficiency. Massaging damp skin gently brings the best impact of body oils.

 Oils are Full of Organic Elements.

 Body oils - as the ones from Kings Shaving Products Co. Are free of any and every emulsifier

 They do not even contain any added perfume. Thus these organic oils bring about the best results of the yield of Mother Earth.

 There is a high concentration of vitamins and minerals and these bring about a dramatic improvement in skin luster. They are also known to make it soft and supple from inside out.

 The antioxidants of organic oils help heal damaged skin, prevent ageing, reduce anxiety & stress too.

 Body Oils Have a Healing Effect

best elixir body oil

 There are several physical benefits of the body oils, yes. But these aside, the best elixir body oil from King Shaving Company has been crafted with scents of floral extracts.

 These have been tested and shown to have empirical results when it comes to helping you relax. If you want to unwind at the end of a tiresome day, and connect with your inner self - body oils are a great way to do so.

 Floral scents such as lavender, or evergreen ones like eucalyptus are believed to help unlock the senses and stimulate the body and mind. Thus, shaving with oils is a great habit you can pick up.

 For more such benefits of anti-inflammation, antibacterial effects, and decongestion, it is advised for men and women both to opt for organic body oils.  Organic ,green, parable free - our body oils are the best in market and you ought to make the most of them.