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      Based on 117 reviews
      high quality

      Smells good....still working on my beard its only been 2 weeks

      A must buy

      Great product!
      Just needs better packaging
      I will be a repeat customer
      I wish yall nothing but the best

      He likes it

      Using the elixir twice a day on damp hair. Saw results in 11 days. Smells good. Gives beard a nice shine.


      I'm in the process of growing a beard but this has helped tremendously. Also the scent gets to the ladies lol.

      A person with COVID could smell and LOVE this oil

      Since purchasing this oil, I've been on the receiving end of countless "wow, what's cologne?, Does your beard always smell like this? Why do you smell so nice and you're just wearing sweats, where you going?, and countless other heartwarming compliments. The oil provides a comforting shine that is balanced by it's intoxicating scent. The Kings Elixir is the best part of my morning routine and will be your lady's too if I meet her before you cop.
      Pro-tip: Pair this with an Oud cologne for an added connection.

      Good oil

      Smells really good ,would like to see other products like shaving cream,or beard shampoo and conditioner can only imagine how good those would be

      Great Beard Oil, Must Buy

      Shout out to Math Hoffa and My Expert Opinion, they plug this beard oil hard and it does not disappoint, it smells amazing and leaves my beard glistening.

      "The Kings Elixir" Beard Oil

      The Kings Elixir

      The Kings Elixir

      The Kings Elixir



      The best

      I’m not a person that really steps out of there comfort zone but this oil is the best thing ever and I get thousands of compliments on how much fuller my beard looks and the ladies love the smell

      The Kings Elixir

      Great smell

      Definitely recommend this product. Isn’t to greasy. Got compliments from the smell. I made it my business to hug women lol

      The Kings Elixir

      The Kings Elixir

      A1 product

      Item was amazing; smells great, keeps my beard moisturized for the day and I’ve seen beard growth since i started.

      We HERE!!

      Perfect it for my little well as myself. I’ve only used it once, today matter of fact, despite getting it 2wks ago, however everything from the smell, to how it looks and feel is supreme. I had this lady friend smell it I went out to catch up with and her reaction..let’s just say, congratulations to y’all, y’all have got 2 more lifetime customers. Come out with other products too, like pomades, combs, a whole kit if you will. Bigger oil bottles too, I need all that.

      P.S. I definitely found out about y’all from Math Hoffa

      The Kings Elixir
      Just got it.

      Can’t give a review yet because I just got it but it smells good.

      Lightly use

      Very potent but, I love it..smell is great ..only small drops needed

      The Kings Elixir

      The Kings Elixir

      Awesomely good!

      It is great

      It smells great and makes your beard soft

      Hoffa gang

      shoutout HOFFA

      Great product

      Shoutout to My Expert Opinion

      The Kings Elixir